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Innovative Occupational Therapy® is a premier occupational company that started in 2019. We are a therapy company that focuses on the well-being of clients and improving their quality of life. We exist to encourage clients to set personal health improvement goals while reinforcing sound principles.

Our therapy/coaching programs for pediatrics and adults are designed to best suit the needs of each client. The program is a continuous effort that combines health promotion, parent/caregiver participation and collaboration, home programs, and exercises to facilitate the client’s lifestyle changes. 

Here at Innovative Occupational Therapy®, we are determined to cultivate a professional atmosphere with a personal touch and continuously establish quality service that positively impacts our clients.

We team with professionals to identify and treat the underlying causes for the symptoms as we aim to provide interventions that impact by incorporating neuroplasticity , research and evidenced – based approach. We work with clients, families, teachers, and caregivers. Innovative Occupational Therapy and Coaching® provides 1-on-1 therapy and mentorships for over 100 different clients.

Know The Owner

Innovative OT is owned by Keyjonn Velazquez, a dedicated occupational therapist with 15 years of experience in various settings with the pediatric and adult population. She is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with a coaching certification from Integrative Wellness Academy.

Keyjonn is passionate about approaching therapy in a creative, holistic, and innovative manner. After graduating from The University of Central Arkansas, she began her career working with children in schools. Keyjonn gradually shifted to traveling OT work, amassing 12 specialization certifications in the process. Mobilizing across the United States equipped her with unique insights and knowledge on the most efficient, and counterintuitive, therapeutic practices and Pedagogy.

She’s served multifaceted clients and populations in: nursing homes, private homes, hospitals, as well as orthopedic and mental health institutes. Naturally, Keyjonn sought to combine her years of diverse experience and teaching expertise, founding Innovative Occupational Therapy and Coaching® (IOTC) – a private OT service provider for OT clients, as well as coaching/mentorship program for emerging and established occupational


When Keyjonn is not operating Innovative Occupational Therapy and Coaching®, she spends her free time salsa dancing, traveling, and spending time with her twin-like sister.

Who Might Need Occupational Therapy?

Licensure in OT in all the states mentioned ( AR, TX, CA, FL, GA). I am licensed through NBCOT.


Thanks, Key! I have to share this-my son said to me after our session today "mom, now come my other OT people never helped me like this with my writing." All the feels over that one. We are blessed to be working with you now!


Hi Key! Thanks so much! He's doing great but he misses you and says he doesn't like his new OT very much.


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